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Dog Bites Ankles – What are The Best Ways to Deal with It?

There are certain dog species that were initially and are naturally inclined to "Herding." It is in their system to show this kind of behavior. Dog bites ankles is the key sign that your dog is trying to herd you. There are many types of dogs that are more inclined to this habit of herding. The dogs which are relatively [...]

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Broken Paw Dog and Everything You Should Know About It

It is quite common for dogs to get injuries in the lower body, including legs and paws. You would often find your dog limping around the house, and moments later, it will be walking fine, as if nothing has happened. But certain cases require your immediate action and attention. One such scenario is a broken paw dog. It is as [...]

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Torn ACL in Dogs – The Causes and The Best Remedies to Try

Every type of pet is prone to various kinds of illnesses. Dogs, however, often have to face Acl injuries. ACL refers to the "anterior cruciate ligament" in dogs. The issue is quite common in medium-sized and bulky dogs. Small size dogs don't have to usually endure this type of injury. There are a certain set of breeds that are prone [...]

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My Dog is Limping – Is There Any Recommended Treatment for it?

Limping in dogs can be a serious issue. If you tell the veterinarian, "My dog is limping!", he might run some tests. The problem can be as severe as bone disease and as simple as a thorn stuck in your dog's paw. But nonetheless, you should never ignore the limping of your dog as it can further aggravate. It is [...]

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Dog Limping Back Leg – The Best Treatment Alternatives to Try

Dog limping back leg is a worrisome thing to observe as a dog owner. One day your dog is fine, and the other day, you find him limping on one leg. That can be quite stressful for the dog as well as for the owner. It can leave some lasting side effects on your dogs' overall health. There might be [...]

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Dog ACL Surgery Cost – Alternative ways to Treat Your Furry Friend

ACL is quite a common problem within dogs. But it is quite serious and painful at the same time. There are many elements involved to make the dogs prone to this type of injury. Dogs that are old aged, overweight, or belong to some specific breeds are at a higher risk of developing ACL. There are many treatment options available [...]

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