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Broken Paw Dog and Everything You Should Know About It

broken paw dog - brown king charles cavalier

It is quite common for dogs to get injuries in the lower body, including legs and paws. You would often find your dog limping around the house, and moments later, it will be walking fine, as if nothing has happened. But certain cases require your immediate action and attention. One such scenario is a broken paw dog. It is as scary as it sounds. Imagine getting your foot broken or injured, how traumatizing it must be. It is exactly similar to dogs as well. That is why we would highly recommend you never ignore your dog’s injury at any cost, no matter what.

Broken Paw Dog – What Can Be the Cause?

There can be many reasons behind this agonizing issue. Some of the main ones may include injury, falling, or slipping. If someone has stepped onto your furry friend’s paw, that might also cause it to break. Additionally, your dog might break its paw while jumping around the house and hitting on something concrete. Rarely, dogs also injure their paw while running around or getting stuck in a fence or a concrete boundary. There are many reasons that be the root cause of the issue.

Broken Paw Dog – What are the Symptoms?

The symptoms may include your dog limping around, unable to walk properly. In the most severe cases, you may also find your dogs’ paw bones sticking out of the flesh. Swelling and inflammation can also be a major symptom. Additionally, if your dog is unable to put weight on its paw and is avoiding walking altogether, that may also indicate the same. Whatever the signs, be very sure to pay heed and never ignore them.

Broken Paw Dog – The Treatment Options

Be very quick to consult a vet/orthopedic for your furry friend. The doctor may run some tests and devise a treatment plan accordingly. In most cases, the veterinarian and orthopedics recommend surgery to treat the broken paw dog. It will take time for your dog to heal completely. The doctor will restrict your dogs’ movement before and after surgery to ensure prompt healing. Never self-medicate your dog, always make sure to get experts’ help as soon as possible. If the doctor suggests surgery for the broken paw, brace yourself for a lot of aftercare. There are few products that we would recommend you to ensure prompt healing of your dog.

An injury Brace as A Support System

A Dog Hock Brace for your dogs is going to be the ultimate support system for our dog. It will stabilize and support the dogs’ body, providing comfort and ensuring quick healing. It reduces inflammation and swelling. Additionally, it is safe to be used for an extended time, without any worry. Your dog is going to love wearing it thoroughly.

An Anti-Anxiety Vest as a Comforter

It is the best calming solution for your broken paw dog. A Thunder Vest for Dogs comes with many unique features that work instantly to calm down your dog. Some of the key features of this vest include an in-built music system and aromatherapy for your dogs. It comes with a subtle aroma of Chamomile and Lavender that helps in calming down your dog. It plays a significant role in reducing pain and discomfort before and after the paw surgery.

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