Luxating Patella Dogs – Things That Can Be Your Knight in Shining Armor

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Patella is commonly referred to as the "Kneecap." If you feel that your dog is limping or having trouble walking, there is a strong possibility that your dog is suffering from a dislocated kneecap. One thing that the luxating patella dogs have in common is that you will feel discomfort in the way they walk. As [...]

Leg Brace for Dogs By Agon Really works?

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Agon Provides Many Leg braces for dogs: Front and Back Dog Leg Braces Plenty of Vets recommending Agon a leg brace for dogs, WHY? Features: 1: Heal the pain due to injury or surgery. 2: Provide support and stabilization during the injury. 3: Assist them to loosen the inflammation. 4: Helps with Loss of Stability [...]

Why Is My Dog Limping? Find out the possible reasons

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Why is my dog limping? Like us, dogs will act for many reasons. Unlike us, dogs cannot tell us what happened or hurt us in words, which makes it difficult for us to solve for ourselves. The most valuable resource for determining the cause of a veterinary dog’s trip is the veterinarian. However, before calling to [...]

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