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Dog ACL Surgery Cost – Alternative ways to Treat Your Furry Friend

Dog ACL surgery cost - puppy laying down

ACL is quite a common problem within dogs. But it is quite serious and painful at the same time. There are many elements involved to make the dogs prone to this type of injury. Dogs that are old aged, overweight, or belong to some specific breeds are at a higher risk of developing ACL. There are many treatment options available for ACL. Many people try to avoid going for surgical treatment since it is quite costly. The Dog ACL surgery cost can be quite hefty at times. The amount of money you have to pay to the veterinarian depends on many factors.

What Determines the Dog ACL Surgery Cost?

There are many factors that determine the Dog ACL surgery cost. These include the severity of the case, the procedure details, your geographical location, your choice of surgeon, etc. If you live in a rural area with fewer facilities, the cost will be low as compared to a high-end city hospital. Additionally, the veterinarian may use a different type of surgical procedure, depending on your dog’s condition. All of these have different costs.

Four different types of surgical processes used to treat the dogs with ACL. These include a lateral suture technique or, alternatively, an “Extracapsular Repair.” The second one is a TPLO or alternatively known as the “Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy.” The third one is known as TTA or “Tibial Tuberosity Advancement.” The fourth and last one is termed as a “Tight Rope Technique.” Each type has its own cost depending on the complexity and effectiveness. The Average Dog ACL Surgery Cost is thousands of Dollars.

Best Alternatives to Reduce the Dog ACL Surgery Cost:

Surgery isn’t always the option. It doesn’t guarantee a 100% result either. We have come up with some super effective solutions that will not only help your dog in quick recovery but will also save you a lot of bucks. In case you don’t have the resources to opt for surgery, we have the best alternatives for you to go for. Lets’ have a look at what we have got for you.

·       A Dog Leg Brace as an Alternative for a surgery

One of the best alternatives we would suggest you buy is a Dog Leg Brace. It is going to be the best support system for your dog. Healing any injuries, including the ACL in dogs, etc., will not only provide the mandatory backup but will also stabilize your dog’s body. Making your dogs’ leg strong will further save your dog from any future injuries as well. Additionally, it will help you in slowing down your dog’s movement.

Keeping your dogs’ leg in the perfect position will strengthen it. If your dog is feeling lazy due to the pain, this comfortable leg brace will provide instant solace to your dog. Extending support to your dog while he is walking or running, this leg brace is going to be your dog’s best friend. It will most probably be the biggest driving force to treat your dog ACL without surgery.

Additionally, another product that will help you in reducing or avoiding the Dog ACL surgery cost is a Thunder Vest for Dogs. An anti-anxiety vest is going to help you in saving quite a lot of bucks. It offers safe aromatherapy for your dog, resulting in your dog being calm and composed during the healing period. It will keep your dog’ distracted through its inbuilt-music system. The dog will enjoy listening to soothing music, and the extra adrenaline rush will be gone. This will reduce the chance of your dog indulging in strenuous activities and tearing their ACL. Thus, it will reduce and help you avoid the Dog ACL surgery cost.

·       Other Ways to Avoid the Dog ACL Surgery Cost

Some additional alternatives include the use of vitamins for your dogs, massaging your dog’s leg as well as ice therapy. We would highly recommend you to contact a veterinarian and request him to devise an alternate plan to avoid surgery. He will most probably suggest your dog some vitamins and other medication for muscle and bone health as well as pain relief. Additionally, you will have to keep a vigilant check on your dog’s health, making sure that the healing is going on and there are no complications.

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