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Dog ACL – When it turns into a matter of concern for the owner?

dog acl - pup in the dark

Different pets have different weak body points. For dogs, the relatively weak part is their legs. Dog ACL is prone to get torn occasionally. Problems pertaining to dog ACL can be quite painful and can further complicate the matter. As a dog owner, it becomes your responsibility to observe your dog’s health. You should always keep a check on your dog’s wellness. If you feel that your dog has suddenly started limping or showing other signs of damage to Dog ACL, then be fast to take action. Some of the other major signs of a torn ACL in dogs include:

  • Limping
  • Difficulty While Walking on Hind Legs
  • Knee Injury and Swelling
  • Limited Mobility
  • Stiffness of joints

If you notice any of these or some other related symptoms, rush to the veterinarian. If you leave the matter untreated for long, it can get worse over time. Your dog will be in constant pain and discomfort.

Ways to Treat a torn Dog ACL

We have compiled some of the best treatments of torn Dog ACL. Let’s have a look at the remedies.

·       Use of a Knee Brace to Treat a torn Dog ACL:

The best way to treat and support your dog during this condition is by using Dog Leg Braces. These leg braces will provide your dog with the mandatory amount of support it needs. Your dog will find it easy to walk around with the leg braces on. Even if your dog has to go through surgery for the treatment of any leg-related problem, such as a torn Dog ACL, then these leg braces are going to ease your dog’s pain.

Owing to its effectiveness, many dogs have to go through TPLO operations to treat this issue. Even in that case, a leg brace is going to be a massive support system. Keeping your dog’s leg in the right position will ensure prompt healing. Moreover, it will help reduce the pain, discomfort, and inflammation that come along with a torn ACL. It stabilizes your dog’s leg and provides comfort. It will even save your dog from further complications.

Other Recommended products:

Along with a Leg brace for dogs, we would suggest you get a Thunder Vest for Dogs. When blended together, these two will prove to be a magical cure for your dog’s torn ACL. These vests provide support and comfort to your dog’s body. After the operation, the veterinarian will limit your dog’s mobility for a while. During that time, an Anti-Anxiety Vest is going to be your knight in shining armor. It comes with an inbuilt music system and safe aromatherapy for your dog. Together, these features are going to distract your dog’s mind from the pain and discomfort. Owing to the calming scent of lavender and Chamomile, your dog will feel relaxed and tranquil. It is going to make the healing process much easier, comfortable, and fast.

  • Consult a Veterinarian to treat the torn Dog ACL:

We would highly recommend fixing an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as you start seeing some abnormal symptoms in your dog. A professional will most likely suggest some precautions, mild exercises, or surgery for your dog. But, it thoroughly depends on the severity of your dog’s ACL issue. Depending on the severity of the illness, your dog might have to go through a TPLO. Since it is considered to be one of the most effective remedies.

All in all, the first thing you need to do is take your dog to a reliable veterinarian. He will most likely conduct some tests and evaluate your dog ACL’s condition. After careful consideration, a treatment plan will be put out.

A Final Word:

A Dog ACL is prone to get damaged owing to many reasons. The main reasons include age factor, athletics, and strenuous exercise, or any type of serious injury. If you feel that your dog is going through something like that. Consult a veterinarian at your earliest. And to be on the safe side, start using a leg brace for your dog.

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