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Dog Bites Ankles – What are The Best Ways to Deal with It?

Dog Bites Ankles - dog running around

There are certain dog species that were initially and are naturally inclined to “Herding.” It is in their system to show this kind of behavior. Dog bites ankles is the key sign that your dog is trying to herd you. There are many types of dogs that are more inclined to this habit of herding. The dogs which are relatively smaller and tiny in size are more prone to biting ankles. Some of the most common breeds of such dogs include:

  • Corgi Dogs
  • Great Pyrenees Dogs
  • Aussie Dogs
  • Border collie Dogs
  • Dachshund Dogs
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Maremma sheepdogs
  • Heelers

All the above-mentioned species of dogs are more likely to bite ankles. It is believed that these breeds were trained to the herd; that is why they have a natural habit of biting ankles and feet. Though it is a natural behavior of some dogs, still, it can cause a problem for the owners and people around them. It can scare people off and even cause an overall sense of fear.

It becomes imperative to redirect their natural tendency and train them to behave otherwise. With proper training, they will unlearn this habit of biting.

How to Stop When Dog Bites Ankles

It will take patience and tolerance, that is a fact. It will take time and effort because you are redirecting your dogs’ brains and behavior. That’s a massive thing to do. We have compiled a list of some of the best ways through which you can accelerate the whole process. When you observe your dog biting ankles, follow these simple steps:

  • Stop giving attention to your dog when it shows this kind of behavior.
  • Reward your dog when it shuns or stops biting the ankles.
  • If you are moving fast or running, it will further trigger your dog into biting ankles. That is why when you see your dog coming to bite your ankles, stop right there. No movement will lessen the chance of the dog bites ankle.
  • Get a stuffed toy or a chew toy to divert your dogs’ minds. When you find it triggered to bite ankles, throw a toy in the air and ask it to fetch that. Make sure to astray your dog from the thing that is triggering the herding behavior.

Some Additional Helping Stuff

  • We would highly recommend you to buy a Dog Hock Brace for your dog. When the dog bites ankles, it is because it is triggered. A leg/knee brace will make your dog’s gait proper and make It comfortable. Your dog will feel warm and comfortable while walking. It will also slow down’s your dog’s movement, eliminating the chance of aggression.

Additionally, an “Dog Anxiety Vest” is one of the best ways to reduce the severity of this issue. It comes with a built-in music system as well as aromatherapy for dogs. Combined, they will keep your dog under control and tranquil. When dogs get super hyperactive, they tend to bite more. But owing to this vest, your dog will stay calm, warm, safe, and soothing.

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