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Dog CCL – What are alternative treatments apart from surgery?

Dog ccl - dog laying on the grass

Alternatively known as the most common problem in dogs CCL can be quite severe at times. It can be quite painful for the dogs. Dogs often show a lot of symptoms if they have CCL. Every symptom of Dog CCL demands the owners’ attention. Owners should keep an eye on the dogs’ condition if they notice any symptoms mentioned below:

Key Symptoms of Dog CCL:

There are many symptoms of dog CCL, depending on the severity. But some of the common ones include limping, inability to walk properly, failure to carry weight for long, decreased motion, stiffness, laziness, noisy joints, swelling and inflammation in either or both the legs, etc.



All of these symptoms can be a hint that the dog may be suffering from a torn CCL. That can be quite excruciating for the dog. If it is not treated properly and on time, it can cause major issues for the dog. The problem will further aggravate if not treated well. It can have long term effects on your dogs’ health. That is why it is mandatory to treat the symptoms as soon as possible.

With the help and guidance of reliable and experienced vets, we have compiled a list of the best ways to treat a torn Dog CCL. These ways will go equally well with whatever type of CCL injury your dog has. Let’s have a look at these.

Most Reliable Ways to Treat Dog CCL:

Apart from surgery, there are many other ways that you can utilize to treat a torn CCL in dogs. Surgery is considered to be a costly and riskier option; that is why most dog owners tend to avoid it. Surgery isn’t the only solution for torn Dog CCL. There are some other ways that bring in equally impressive results.

·       Use of a Leg Brace to treat Dog CCL:

One of the best remedies to treat a torn CCL is the use of a Dog Leg Brace. Using a dog leg brace brings along a lot of perks and benefits. It is one of the safest and quickest ways to treat CCL in dogs. Many veterinarians recommend using a leg brace for dogs. It provides the best support to your dog’s leg and ensures quick healing. Your dog will feel less fatigued and exhausted while walking.

Even if your dog has gone through any surgery, a leg brace is going to make the healing process much faster. It will reduce the pain and discomfort as well. Your dog will feel easy and comfortable while walking. This brace can be worn by every dog, irrespective of everything. These braces are super lightweight and comfortable. It will keep your dogs’ leg in perfect shape. It will never negatively affect your dog’s mobility but will strengthen overall. All in all, the dog leg brace can be a knight in shining armor for your dog.


·       Use of an Anti-Anxiety Vest:

Another miraculous product to make the dogs feel better, in this case, is a Thunder Vest for Dogs. It will provide your dog the mandatory solace it needs while dealing with a torn CCL. It comes with aromatherapy and in-built music. The music distracts and calms down the dog. It will make your dog sit in one place without getting bored. That will result in prompt healing. The aromatherapy further calms down the dog and makes it feel better.

All in all, these two products are going to be a massive helper. They will provide an ample amount of support and relief to your dog. We would highly, strongly recommend you to try these at least once. Your dog is going to thank you for this.

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