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Luxating Patella Dogs – Things That Can Be Your Knight in Shining Armor

dog Luxating Patella

Patella is commonly referred to as the “Kneecap.”

If you feel that your dog is limping or having trouble walking, there is a strong possibility that your dog is suffering from a dislocated kneecap. One thing that the luxating patella dogs have in common is that you will feel discomfort in the way they walk. As a dog owner, it becomes your responsibility to treat the luxating patella dogs at your earliest. But before jumping at the cure, let’s have a quick look at the causes of luxating patella dogs.

Key Reasons Behind Luxating Patella Dogs

In most cases, we see that small breeds of dogs suffer from this problem significantly. However, many large breed dogs also have to go through this. The reason can be genetic as many dogs are born with a dislocated kneecap. While it is seen that injuries to the hind leg of your dog can also be a major cause of it. Luxating patella in dogs can not only cause discomfort and limping but can force your dogs to endure a significant amount of pain as well.

There are many degrees to the severity of Luxating patella in dogs. There are minor cases as well as more severe cases. The treatment plan is devised after a careful examination of your dog’s kneecap.

Severe Cases of Luxating Patella in Dogs

In the most severe cases, your dog endures a significant amount of pain. You will notice he is limping majorly. It will be unable to move for long. Walking is going to be a major problem for your dog. This can bring along a lot of other problems, such as the inability to bear bodyweight, changes in body shape of the dog as well as arthritis. If the case is severe, the first thing we would advise you to go for is to consult a veterinarian. The doctor will most likely perform surgery on your dog.

To support your dog during the treatments and keep it calm afterward, we would highly recommend you get your dog an Anti-Anxiety Vest. These type of vests offer many unique features which will help in keeping your dog calm and composed. The veterinarian will not allow your dog to walk for a while after the surgery. In such a scenario, the Anti-Anxiety Vest comes as a huge blessing. It will not only provide your dog with the necessary emotional support it needs. But, it will also distract your dogs’ minds from the pain and boredom. These vests provide your dog with a hug-like feeling and keep them warm as well. The inbuilt soothing music that comes with these vests further soothes your dog. All in all, it is going to be a great support system for your dog.

Mild Cases of Luxating Patella Dogs

Therapy is the best way to treat mild cases of luxating patella dogs. You can treat it as home as well. If your dogs’ case is mild, it can be treated at home, without surgery. The best thing we would recommend you to go for is the Dog Leg Braces. These types of leg braces will massively help in treating your dog’s dislocated kneecap. It will not only provide the mandatory amount of physical support to your dog but will also ease the treatment. Even if your dog has had surgery, these leg braces will help your dog in healing faster. The leg braces will prove to be a blessing if your dog is suffering from arthritis or joint pain caused by luxating patella dogs. These leg braces will be your dogs’ best friend and healer.


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