Agon® Arm Compression Sleeve [AR201Y]


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Agon Arm Compression Sleeve


  • Agon Arm Sleeves Basketball Padding Compression unit is breathable, comfortable and adjustable.
  • It will keep your muscles warm and provides faster recovery after a tough workout session.
  • It will stay firmly in place therefore it won’t slide down during your activities.
  • Will provide better flexibility and motion.
  • It will reduce the odor through anti-bacterial material.
  • The pain and swelling in the arms and elbow is greatly reduced.
  • Will protect the arm and elbow against hard impacts and turf burns.
  • It will also give sturdiness to your arm and makes it stable.
  • The insulation is excellent to keep the arms warm and snugly.
  • In addition It promotes better blood circulation.
  • Will retain its shape even after numerous washes.
  • In addition It will not cause irritation and chafing and will help cover tattoos and inks that go against the rules in sports.


  • Sizes:  (Measurement circumference of your biceps in a relaxed position)

          Small: 10-11”,  Medium: 11-12”,  Large: 12-13.5”.

  • Material:  80% Nylon + 20% Spandex.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo! used to get so sore bumping my elbow on the floor while I was playing basketball, no more! this thing is the real deal!

Loving wearing it when i shoot some hoops with my buddies.

Loving wearing it when i shoot some hoops with my buddies.

I love this arm sleeve!

I love this arm sleeve! very recommended