Agon® Posture Corrector With Back Support [WA001Y]

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Stop slouching now and get the perfect posture you have been looking for! Thick and Comfortable Material for strong durable hold. Pulls back shoulders while aligning and supporting to the clavicle bone. Includes Lower Back Support. Adjustable adhesive material and 2 rings for custom sizing.

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Agon Back Posture Brace

Features of Agon Back Posture Brace / Corrector with lower Back Support

  • Designed to Reduces pressure on spine, upper & lower back pains
  • Pulls your shoulders back smoothly and Fixes your Posture
  • Treats neck pain, Lessens Tension Headaches and Reduces Forward Head Syndrome
  • Made with extra soft padding for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable to your level of compression
  • Lightweight and can be worn under clothes without sweating


S/M: Waist circumference 22-33″; Chest Circumference 24-36″

L/XL: Waist circumference 33-44″ ; Chest circumference 36-48



70% Neoprene + 25% Nylon + 5% Magnet

Condition: New.


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Customer Reviews

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At first I was a little skeptical that the Posture Corrector would do it's job.

At first I was a little skeptical that the Posture Corrector would do it's job. I watched the online video for instruction on how to wear the corrector. I was not impressed with the video as it was hard to see what was the correct way of fastening the Velcro. With the black shirt on the young man and the black Agon device, I could not see what was happening. I put the corrector on how I thought it should be worn, but am still not sure I am wearing it properly. I do not understand what the 2 square pieces are used for, so I do not use them at all. I must say that after a few days I could feel an urge to pull my shoulders back without wearing the corrector. A few muscles became sore, but are fine now as I am getting used to proper alignment. I like it very much and think it is helpful in correcting my posture and relieving neck forwardness. Thank you for a fine product!