Agon® Pair Compression Socks [SO201Y]

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Agon Best Compression Socks 

Those Compression socks are worn by athletes or people who perform heavy workouts or are recovering from injuries of heavy workouts, Those stockings are great for flight and travel as they use pressure circulate the blood flow of  your legs, They help with many medical conditions such as:

  • Venous insufficiency
  • Swollen veins
  • Leg swelling
  • Tired and heavy legs
  • Healed venous ulcer
  • Lymphedema
  • Active venous ulcer
  • Post thrombotic syndrome


  • Size Small/Medium: 6-10 US Men’s Shoe size / 7.5-12 US women’s Shoe size.
  • Size Large/X-Large: 10-14 US Men’s Shoe size / 12-15.5 US women’s Shoe size.
  • Material 70% Neoprene + 30% Nylon.


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Love those socks!