Agon® Leg / Calf Compression Sleeve With Shin Padding [CA201Y]



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  • Agon Calf Compression Sleeve
  • Sizes: (Measure the circumference of your calf in a relaxed position) Small: 12.5-14”,  Medium: 14-15.5”,  Large: 15.5-17”.
  • Material: 85% Nylon + 15% Spandex.


  • During activity the arterial blood flow increases by 40% and during recovery it reaches 30% which amount of nutrients pass through your body during that time.
  • Increases the velocity of the blood flowing through the veins them which decreasing chances of fatigue and lethargy.
  • Through padded compression sleeve, you can forget about scratches or bruises and abrasions while you’re on the trail.
  • Also, It reduces chances of swelling and the dirt only gets collected on your sleeves, not your body.
  • It will limit swelling especially for the people who spend a lot of time on their feet.
  • Furthermore, It maintains a moderate temperature, not very warm or very cold.


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Customer Reviews

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Great product to play soccer with, I used to wear my shin guards but with this sleeve I already g...

Great product to play soccer with, I used to wear my shin guards but with this sleeve I already got it covered with the extra padding attached to it.