Agon® Extra Supportive Dog Hock Brace / Rear Leg Wrap [DS004Y]

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Help Support your pooch injured leg today, Agon Hock Leg Brace will Help with:

• Arthritis
• Support after operation
• Fatigue
• Any strains of the canine hock
• Stabilization of hock after injury
• Heal the pain due to injury or surgery
• Provide support and stabilization during the injury
• Help dogs loosen the inflammation
• And save them from future injuries

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Agon® Extra Supportive Dog Hock Brace / Rear Leg Wrap

Extra supportive Agon dog hock brace will hep your canine with his rear leg injury, recovery, support and much more

Dog Hock Brace Features:

  • Will heal the pain due to injury or surgery.
  • Provide support and stabilization during the injury.
  • Assist them to loosen the inflammation.
  • Helps with Loss of Stability caused by Arthritis.
The Joint Wrap is made of neoprene sponge rubber fabric.
The Neoprene is thick (5mm) and soft, usually used for wetsuits.
Soft Sponge can better take care of dog wounds and relieve dog joint pain, and not affect your dog’s mobility too.


Measure the CIRCUMFERENCE  2″ Above rear hock and 2″ below the hock

Extra Small: Above: 4.25″ ; Below: 2.75″

Small: Above: 5.5″ ; Below: 3.25″

Medium: Above: 6.25″ ; Below: 4″

Large: Above: 7″ ; Below: 5.25″

Extra Large: Above: 7.5″ ; Below: 6.25″

Condition: New.

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Customer Reviews

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Debbie (Dallas, US)
AGON extra supportive dog hock brace

Our 4 year old lab tore his acl and vet recommended 3 weeks of basic crating with pain medications. Tried it for 2 weeks and saw no improvement. I am an orthopedic nurse so I asked about brace and was told not too successful. Easily measured my dog per website / ordered and received in 3 days. Brace has made a huge improvement in our dog. He went from total non weight bearing to 90 % weight bearing with the brace. No need for pain medication either. Thanks for making our family happy again.

Maggie M
Our 15 yr old dog tore her CCL and unfortunately surgery is too risky due to some other health co...

Our 15 yr old dog tore her CCL and unfortunately surgery is too risky due to some other health conditions. We are looking at doing a custom brace but before spending that $$ needed to make sure she would even tolerate anything being on her leg. This brace is great. it is easy to put on and although not a knee brace, it has given our dog enough support that we saw improvement in her movements in just a few days. We are now moving forward with the custom knee brace and would highly recommend these hind leg braces to anyone who has a dog that needs a little more support on their back legs.

Sarah M.
I ordered both the brace and the wrap.

I ordered both the brace and the wrap. When my female pitbull needs extra support I use the longer brace but find when we go for a walk, the smaller one works well. She’s very used to them and I think she actually likes when I put it on her now. Highly recommend the brace and this company

Linda Sillett (Fairfield, US)
Sturdy brace

Well made but designed backward. The strips are made with the soft material and the outward part of the brace is the scratchy part of the velcro. So, everytime my dog goes to lay on a blanket or rug it sticks to his brace and he panics and runs around with it attached to his leg.

Dorothy Voss (Steamboat Springs, US)
Cassidy's Assorted braces

Both braces work well. My dog is 15 and only has 1 back leg. These braces help stabilize her. Thank you!