Agon® Dog Canine Front Leg Brace Paw Compression Wraps [DS002Y]

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Help Support your pooch injured leg today, Agon Front Leg Brace will Help with:

  • Any strains of the canine wrist
  • Case of Arthritis
  • For Support after operation
  • Front Leg Limping
  • Fatigue
  • Stabilization of wrist after injury

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Agon Dog Leg Brace benefits

Torn leg is the most common injury which dogs go through, and that makes them lazy while they suffer from pain. The disease requires can require some rest, support or even a surgery depending on the condition. To provide support to your baby while he moves around with a torn leg, Agon Braces are always around. Wearing the dog brace will help your dog to move less which is highly recommended by the vets. Once immobilized, the wrist gets rests which reduce the pain followed by decreasing the inflammation.



  • Heal the pain due to injury or surgery
  • Provide support and stabilization during the injury
  • Assist them to loosen the inflammation
  • Save them from future injuries

It is observed that the dog gets its 2nd wrist injured soon after the first one. This is due to the imbalance caused by the injury in one leg. Agon Dog Leg Brace makes sure that the balance of the body is maintained, so the dog doesn’t get into any more injuries of wrists or joints.



Measure the circumference of the area that needed:

XXS/XS: 2-4″ ; S/M: 4-6″ ; L/XL: 6-8″

The Length:

XXS/XS: 2″; S/M: 4″; L/XL: 6″

Material: 70% neoprene + 30% nylon

Condition: New.

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