Agon® PAIR of Calf Compression Sleeves [CA301Y]


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AGON PAIR Calf Compression Sleeves

Oxygenated blood plays a vital role in the efficient working of your body.

• The more your cells are delivered oxygenated blood the better they will perform.
• When you are exercising, your body is using up the stored energy or oxygenated blood very rapidly. As a result, the lactic acid amount as a waste product increases.
• Your body needs to filter out this lactic acid immediately otherwise it decreases the functioning.
• The lactic acid is generally produced in the muscles and causes soreness and fatigue.
• The muscles go through a shocking impact when you pound your weight against it on a hard pavement and thus, the vibrations caused in your muscles add up and cause lethargy.
• Function of compression sleeves:
• So what exactly is the role of Agon compression sleeves here?
• They are entirely made to give you graduated compression.
• Graduated compression means the compression at the foot is high whereas at the ankle it is low as it moves toward the calf and lower parts of the leg.

• Recommended by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Doctors• For Men and Women. SOLD AS PAIR

Material 85% Nylon + 15% Spandex 

Sizes: (Measurement circumference of your calf in a relaxed position)

Small: 12.5-14”

Medium: 14-15.5”:

Large: 15.5-17”

Color: Black


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