Thigh Compression Wrap

Thigh Wrap Instructional Video:


  • Agon Thigh Wrap gives support to your thigh.
  • Also, Increases blood flow.
  • Furthermore, Reduces pain.
  • Also, Reduces discomfort in thigh.
  • It Provides muscle warmth.
  • Light weight, Comfortable and Breathable.
  • Evenly fits to the thigh.
  • Removes sweat away from the skin
  • Doesn’t slip due to silicone gripper inside
  • It will always smell fresh
  • Sold as Single Sleeve.
  • Also, It Doesn’t restrict your movement
  • Furthermore, Can be worn every day under your pants
  • Condition: New.


  • The circumference is tapered from ~19″ to ~22″ (around the thigh). It is about 8.375″ long (down the length of the thigh). The material is fairly thin and stretchy.

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