Thunder Jacket for Dogs With Relaxing Music And Lavender & Chamomile Scent [DS005Y]



CozyFur Dog Anxiety Vest With Relaxing Music And Lavender Scent


XX-Small (<7 lbs) |

X-Small (8-14 lbs) |

Small (15-25 lbs) |

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CozyVest™ Thunder Jacket for Dogs (Patented)

Our 3 IN 1 CozyVest – Thunder Jacket for Dogs was developed to soothe the fears of most pups & kittens.

The only Calming Pet anxiety Vest that uses 3 senses. (Touch, Smell and Hearing) 

Sense of Touch –  CozyVest – the best pressure wrap available. Like swaddling an infant, CozyVest calms all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues. CozyVest is the EASIEST TO USE and adjust for just the right pressure to calm your dog.

Sense of Smell – CozyVest Provides 1 Lavender & 1 Chamomile Essential Oils Scent Triangle Crystals, to provide your pet the best calming atmosphere.

Sense of Hearing – CozyVest also provides an amazing feature, a Music Player with calming and relaxing sound that will repeat itself over and over to provide your dog the best chilling mood.

The Thunder jacket for dogs Use for:

Anxiety relief, thunders, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, problem barking, reactivity, and much, much more.


Machine washable. Soft, breathable fabric.

Size Chart:

Size (Weight)  |  Measurement around the chest

XX-Small (<7 lbs) | 9-13″  

X-Small (8-14 lbs) | 13-17″ 

Small (15-25 lbs) | 17-21″

Medium (26-40 lbs) | 21-25″

Large (41-64 lbs) | 25-30″

X-Large (65-110 lbs) | 30-37″

XX-Large (>110 lbs) | 37-50″



90% Cotton + 10% Nylon

Behind the idea of CozyVest The BEST Thunder Jacket for Dogs

The Fourth of July is the least favorite holiday for most dogs as Fireworks cause them to have Fear and Stress,

CozyVest helps your pet to feel more secure around bright lights and especially loud noises.

Also, Our Thunder Storm Jacket for dogs was developed to soothe the fears of most dogs that deathly afraid of thunders.

Furthermore, the Dog Anxiety coat goes on quickly and easily and it is adjustable for the right pressure for you dog or cat.

Finally, CozyVest Anti Anxiety Shirt is the most effective anxiety solution as voted by veterinarians.

Here is a link to our Aromatherapy Essential oils



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XX-Small (Less than 7 lbs), X-Small (8-14 lbs), Small (15-25 lbs), Medium (26-40 lbs), Large (41-64 lbs), X-Large (65-110 lbs), XX-Large (110 lbs and up)


Gray, Black, Pink

Customer Reviews

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Emilia Tevez
I own 3 chihuahua's & 2 of them are really hyper.

I own 3 chihuahua's & 2 of them are really hyper. They sit in front of the window all day & when the see or don't see something they run outside. So all day in out of the house through the pet doors. Once a put the vest on them, turn on the music and insert the lavender crystal it's like a whole new dog. They both calm down & no more barking at everything. I've been using the vest for a month now & they are a life saver. You wouldn't think this would help but it does. Then as soon as I take the vest off, they are back to barking.

Dee Wright (Paris, US)

I like the lighter material of coat but the music box scares him & the lavender doesn’t really have smell also coat could be longer in length for xxlrg

Claire Porter
I was really skeptical about this product as it just doesn't seem like it should work but having ...

I was really skeptical about this product as it just doesn't seem like it should work but having a snoring dog next to me while there's thunder outside speaks volumes. My 1.5 year old boxer mix has always been rather reactive and anxious. He gets scared and barks during storms and whenever he hears loud noises (thunder & fireworks). I decided to try the CozyFur. He very quickly got used to wearing it and comes and remains calm when I put it on him. He stops barking and just goes to sleep when he is wearing it. It doesn't seem to cause any discomfort even when he is wearing it for several hours. He gets anxious at times while walking at night and had it on him the other night for a walk and he seemed to be a bit calmer. I might try using it on his next vet visit as he is a bit nightmare and fear aggressive with the vet so maybe it will help as well. I tell everyone about CozyFur, it worth a try

My little Pom gets really stressed around strangers, I’ve tried using Hemp but it didnt work for ...

My little Pom gets really stressed around strangers, I’ve tried using Hemp but it didnt work for him so I tried looking at other products, this Product Caught my eve cause I knew Music and Lavender have an effect on reducing stress in dogs so I thought I’ll give it a try, I started seeing a difference in his behaviour immediately and I’m so happy and relieved ❤️

Terry Jobs (New York, US)
Great product!

My dog isn’t afraid of thunders anymore!
The the vest, the lavender scent combines with the relaxing music is neat!