Agon® Waist Trimmer and Lower Back Support [WA012Y]

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Agon Waist Trimmer

Are you the one who wants to look all hot and maintain a model’s body shape so you could attract everyone you pass? Everyone would have told you that it’s only possible if you go on a strict diet, exercise 3 hours a day or use those pills and medications which are too harmful. The easy way is out with Agon Waist Trimmer. It is a good which will help you to exercise less and still get that perfect body you always wished for.


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Agon Waist Tummy Trimmer Belt

  • Agon Tummy Trimmer Belt helps you to shed more calories while exercising which is an added advantage to your hard work
  • It helps you lose weight while exercising and also acts as a reminder of switching to healthy options all day
  • Those who of you have spine issues due to exercising or lack of calcium are advised by doctors to wear waist trimmers to avoid any kind of injury that can come along while exercising. It is also beneficial for everyone to wear waist trimmers during daily activities to avoid spine problems.



Measure the CIRCUMFERENCE of your Waist

Size S/M: 22-32″

Size L/XL: 33-43″


70% Neoprene + 25% Nylon + 5% Magnet

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Customer Reviews

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I've recently purchased this item, its been 9 weeks since i gave birth to my daughter Sophia and ...

I've recently purchased this item, its been 9 weeks since i gave birth to my daughter Sophia and ever since I been trying to lose the extra weight doing plenty of sports activities, I have used this item while i was working out and the results are amazing I'm going thru the 3rd week and what a change! Highly recommended.

Great quality.

Great quality. I like the magnets at the back, keeps my back warm even after i take it off

really helps my lower back

really helps my lower back

This belt feels amazing to wear.

This belt feels amazing to wear. I am glad I purchased this. My stomach and back BOTH feel good and well supported. This is adjustable to fit your size, so you can make it as loose/tight as you want. I am pleased with this purchase.

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