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Whether you are having problems in carrying strong weights or have already damaged your wrist, fix your injured wrist by wearing Agon Wrist Brace. Agon Wrist Brace is an accessory worn around your wrist to prevent wrist related injuries that occur by lifting heavy weights or by twisting. The wrist brace heals your injured wrists.


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Agon wrist support band | Injury Support Brace | Carpal tunnel Splint / Wrap

Uses of Agon Wrist Support Band

  • Supports wrist
  • Also, Immobilizes wrist
  • Furthermore, Used for tendinitis, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Finally, Takes stress off the tendons


  • Adjustable
  • Breathable material
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Helps with Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Hand, Wrist Injuries and more.

Tips for using Agon Wrist support band

  • Use our wrist support band only when you have to perform a heavy workout.
  • Also, Don’t wear our wrist brace as an accessory but as a support for your wrist joint.
  • Furthermore, Don’t wear it too low or too high as it will not fulfill its sole purpose.
  • Finally, Don’t use our wrist brace for hiding flexibility issues or immobility.

Measurement and Size of Agon Wrist support band

To get your perfect fit of Agon wrist brace, you do not require a measurement of your wrist as it comes in only one size which is adjustable according to your need. The Agon Wrist Brace comes in a style that has loops and hooks that allow you to fit your wrist brace just the way you want to adjust it. It is simple and easy to wear.

Instructions on how to clean your Agon Wrist support band
  • You can wash our wrist brace only with hand and not machine.
  • Only use a mild detergent to wash your brace otherwise the synthetic fibers in the brace will be damaged.
  • Wash only in warm water, not hot water.
  • Properly mix the detergent in water so that you do not leave any residue behind when cleaning as it will irritate your skin when you wear and damage the quality.

Condition: New.

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Injured my wrist playing baseball, this brace support pretty decent but I've had better

Injured my wrist playing baseball, this brace support pretty decent but I've had better