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Torn ACL in Dogs – The Causes and The Best Remedies to Try

Torn ACL in dogs -dachshund puppy

Every type of pet is prone to various kinds of illnesses. Dogs, however, often have to face Acl injuries. ACL refers to the “anterior cruciate ligament” in dogs. The issue is quite common in medium-sized and bulky dogs. Small size dogs don’t have to usually endure this type of injury. There are a certain set of breeds that are prone to getting a torn ACL. Different severity levels of a torn ACL in dogs are often associated with the age, breed, and height of the dog.

Dogs with heavy bodyweight get the worst case of Torn ACL in dogs. However, it becomes imperative for the dog owners to get the dogs treated at their earliest.

What’s the Risk Involved in Torn ACL in Dogs?

If left untreated for long, it can cause immense long term pain. Your dogs may have to go through many additional issues. Some of the major ones include Arthritis, joint pain, limited movement, constant limping, severe pain, and the issues pertaining to bone spurs in dogs.

If you leave it untreated for long, there is a chance of the other leg getting affected as well. All in all, it is mandatory for dog owners to treat the Torn ACL in Dogs as soon as possible. To save your dog from all that pain and discomfort, we would highly recommend the following solutions.

The Best Remedies for Torn ACL in Dogs

There are many tried and tested remedies for treating torn ACL in dogs. The type of treatment depends on the type of injury. Every case is different. The main elements that determine the type of the issue include age, size, and the severity of the torn ACL in dogs. But, there are a few remedies that work efficiently in all cases.

·      Use of Leg Braces as a treatment:

No matter what type, the case of your dog is; we would always recommend all dog owners to buy Dog Leg Braces. These leg braces provide your dog with the necessary support and backing it needs. Even if your dog goes through surgery, these braces will provide an ample amount of comfort and support.

There are many underlying problems that come with Torn ACL in Dogs. A leg brace will help your dog deal with them as well. It will strengthen your dog’s legs and lend support to the whole body as well. So we would highly recommend you to get a leg brace for your dog. You are going to see a significant improvement in your dogs’ condition.

·      Buy a Comfortable Vest for Your Dog:

There is a bright chance that owing to a torn ACL; the veterinarian might perform surgery on your dog. Afterward, you will have to confine it to a crate. After the surgery, your dog will be in discomfort till it heals completely. At this point, a Dog Anxiety Vest will prove to be the best thing for your dog. It will keep your dog comfortable and warm.

Additionally, these vests come with additional elements such as an inbuilt music system. The music system will play soothing music for your dog. Your dog is going to love the vest. On top of that, these vests also provide safe aromatherapy to your dog. The calming scent of lavender and chamomile will further ease your dog’s pain. It will help your dog recover promptly.

·      Seek Medical Help for Torn ACL in Dogs:

Another imperative thing to do is to find a good veterinarian for your dog. Make the treatment plan and ensure to follow the instructions of the doctor. The medical professional will assess all the linked elements and devise a treatment plan accordingly. He might or might not recommend surgery. But, he is surely going to recommend the use of the Leg Braces for your Dog.

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